Video Playlist - Featured Videos Copyright 2015 Mon, 30 Mar 2015 22:08:41 -0700 Toboggan Brewing Co about to launch Mike Smith is about to turn another page in his successful career as the owner of London landmarks like Joe Cools. Smith and his staff are just weeks away from converting Jim Bob Ray’s into the Toboggan Brewing company. video4130153953001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 14:54:06 -0700 LFP,business,Canada,jim bob ray's,category=London &Region,joe cools,source=London Free Press,category=news,embed=true,bars,hospitality,restaurants,economy,London Featured Videos 1906868830 4130153953001 199 1745097732 City Hall Week in Review Jon Willing reviews the top stories from the past week at Ottawa City Hall video3904058525001 Fri, 21 Nov 2014 13:20:12 -0800 Top Stories,Ottawa city hall,embed=true,ottawa news,timestamp=1416608421,month=11,osun_featured,News,year=2014,source=Ottawa Sun,Ottawa and region,day=21,jon willing,week,Reviews,category=news,Canada Featured Videos 1906868830 3904058525001 100 1745097732 Mom testifies in Meika Jordan's murder trial Kyla Woodhouse, mother of slain six-year-old Meika Jordan, speaks to media after testifying in her murder trial. video4132641038001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 19:09:52 -0700 police,day=24,murder,trial,court,jordan,embed=true,Canada,Meika,month=03,Crime,source=Calgary Sun,year=2015,category=Calgary & Alberta Featured Videos 1906868830 4132641038001 77 1745097732 Only Doutzen Kroes Could Pull Off This Swimsuit Doutzen Kroes does a swimsuit shoot in Miami wearing some high fashion beach wear that only a woman like her could pull off. video4052034720001 Fri, 13 Feb 2015 08:18:06 -0800 Sand,celebrity gossip,beach,Splash News.,Swimsuit,day=13,category=entertainment,timestamp=1423843215,Weird,Doutzen Kroes,Celebrity,miami,intense,month=02,victoria's secret,posing,year=2015,embed=false,High Fashion,source=splash news Featured Videos 1906868830 4052034720001 51 1745097732 Tests Find Colorado Weed More Potent, Less Medicinal Tests Find Colorado Weed More Potent, Less Medicinal video4129919215001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 13:30:36 -0700 getty images,category=US,source=Newsy,day=23,timestamp=1427140920,colorado,United States of America,embed=false,year=2015,provider=NewsLook,provider=News Look,month=03 Featured Videos 1906868830 4129919215001 79 1745097732 How Cockpit Security Measures Played Into Germanwings Crash How Cockpit Security Measures Played Into Germanwings Crash video4136746747001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 13:35:37 -0700 source=Newsy,provider=News Look,Brice Robin,month=03,getty images,timestamp=1427400300,United States of America,provider=NewsLook,year=2015,france,category=Travel,Andreas Lubitz,destinations,airbus,day=26,embed=false Featured Videos 1906868830 4136746747001 98 1745097732 The President Marks Five Years of the Affordable Care Act The President Marks Five Years of the Affordable Care Act video4136013012001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 08:31:03 -0700 year=2015,category=US,provider=News Look,day=25,timestamp=1427329961,month=03,embed=false,Barack Obama,category=Arts & Society,provider=NewsLook,source=Whitehouse Featured Videos 1906868830 4136013012001 1026 1745097732 Antarctic Ice Is Melting Faster Than Ever Antarctic Ice Is Melting Faster Than Ever video4138341554001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:35:34 -0700 category=Science,day=27,Helen Amanda Fricker,antarctica,month=03,embed=false,category=world,provider=News Look,timestamp=1427469180,year=2015,California,source=Newsy,Lee Rosevere,provider=NewsLook Featured Videos 1906868830 4138341554001 102 1745097732 A Quick 45-Minute Nap Can Improve Your Memory A Quick 45-Minute Nap Can Improve Your Memory video4128749301001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 05:10:29 -0700 category=Science,year=2015,timestamp=1427110620,embed=false,getty images,day=23,category=health,month=03,webMD,source=Newsy,provider=NewsLook,provider=News Look,Germany Featured Videos 1906868830 4128749301001 88 1745097732 President Obama Delivers a Message to the Nigerian People President Obama Delivers a Message to the Nigerian People video4133867954001 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 11:11:10 -0700 year=2015,embed=false,source=Whitehouse,day=23,timestamp=1427111100,category=US,provider=News Look,month=03,Barack Obama,category=world,nigeria,United States of America,provider=NewsLook Featured Videos 1906868830 4133867954001 150 1745097732 President Obama Meets with the Prime Minister of Ireland President Obama Meets with the Prime Minister of Ireland video4122050936001 Thu, 19 Mar 2015 10:55:52 -0700 Taoiseach Kenny,category=US,category=world,day=17,timestamp=1426632051,embed=false,source=Whitehouse,month=03,provider=NewsLook,year=2015,provider=News Look,Ireland,United States of America,Barack Obama Featured Videos 1906868830 4122050936001 706 1745097732 Top horsemen at Agriplex all equine show This weekend at the Western Fair Agriplex some of the best horses, riders, and trainers in Ontario will be showing how it’s done during the third annual all equine show. video4138960060001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 15:28:53 -0700 category=news,horse,all equine show,recreation,category=London &Region,embed=true,London,LFP,source=London Free Press,Canada,western fair Featured Videos 1906868830 4138960060001 177 1745097732 Top 10 Horror Movies: 1960s Maybe we really do all go a little mad sometimes? Join as count down our picks for the Top 10 Horror Movies of the 1960s. WARNING: Contains mature content. video4133671738001 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 09:09:05 -0700 The Simpsons,Buffy the Vampire Slayer,community,embed=false,tv genres,power rangers lost galaxy,supernatural,top 10,tv episodes,television,Nick Spake,month=03,tv,boy meets world,episodes,SpongeBob SquarePants,lists,Family Matters,source=Watch Mojo,scrubs,30 Rock,year=2015,cat=finance,timestamp=1427303358,day=25 Featured Videos 1906868830 4133671738001 693 1745097732 Germanwings Crash Investigator: 1 Pilot Left Cockpit Germanwings Crash Investigator: 1 Pilot Left Cockpit video4134763447001 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 19:15:25 -0700 year=2015,Germany,lufthansa,source=Newsy,provider=News Look,Alps,day=25,The New York Times,barcelona,CNN,embed=false,timestamp=1427333820,provider=NewsLook,month=03,spain,dusseldorf,getty images Featured Videos 1906868830 4134763447001 77 1745097732 Top 10 Movies from Russia and the Soviet Union In Soviet Russia, great movies watch you! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 films from Russia and the Soviet Union. video4131548189001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 07:59:06 -0700 Top 10 films,Jim Carrey,month=03,Joe Pesci,Robin Williams,lists,timestamp=1427212753,Henry Fonda,leslie nielsen,tv,day=24,Tom Hanks,Matthew Thomas,Heath Ledger,cat=finance,ype-casting,movies,source=Watch Mojo,Adam Sandler,television,Jonah Hill,Tom Cruise,year=2015,top 10,embed=false,actors Featured Videos 1906868830 4131548189001 833 1745097732 Expanding 'Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day' Expanding 'Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day' video4138225158001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 07:01:13 -0700 month=03,provider=NewsLook,category=world,Barack Obama,provider=News Look,timestamp=1427396400,day=26,source=Whitehouse,year=2015,embed=false,United States of America Featured Videos 1906868830 4138225158001 119 1745097732 Alleged victim on stand at Brazeau sex assault trial Ex-Senator Patrick Brazeau’s sex assault trial began Monday with a glimpse into the troubled man’s mental state. video4129672273001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 11:17:10 -0700 year=2015,category=news,osun_featured,day=23,Gatineau,timestamp=1427138239,Canada,News,Ottawa and region,source=Ottawa Sun,Patrick Brazeau,tony spears,embed=true,Sex assault trial,Ex-Senator,month=03 Featured Videos 1906868830 4129672273001 42 1745097732 These U.S. Cities Have The Greatest Income Inequality These U.S. Cities Have The Greatest Income Inequality video4131941026001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:10:30 -0700 United States of America,category=world,year=2015,provider=NewsLook,mesa,San Francisco,virginia,timestamp=1427218500,Werner Kunz,Michael Larson,provider=News Look,Georgia,day=24,source=Newsy,miami,colorado,arizona,embed=false,virginia beach,Gabriel Kaplan,Washington,month=03,colorado springs,D.C.,boston,Atlanta Featured Videos 1906868830 4131941026001 100 1745097732 1 Suspect Dead, 8 Officers Hurt In Arizona Wal-Mart Brawl 1 Suspect Dead, 8 Officers Hurt In Arizona Wal-Mart Brawl video4131542912001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 08:10:31 -0700 timestamp=1427091840,source=Newsy,Wal-Mart,day=23,month=03,category=world,Walmart,provider=News Look,arizona,Cottonwood,Jon Erickson,provider=NewsLook,phoenix,year=2015,embed=false Featured Videos 1906868830 4131542912001 86 1745097732 SeaWorld Launches Ad Campaign To Repair Damaged Image SeaWorld Launches Ad Campaign To Repair Damaged Image video4131758622001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 10:05:24 -0700 year=2015,source=Newsy,timestamp=1427214540,embed=false,month=03,category=Science,joel manby,destinations,category=Travel,SeaWorld,provider=NewsLook,day=24,provider=News Look Featured Videos 1906868830 4131758622001 88 1745097732 Sebastian gets a new U of O hand Sebastian Chavarria receives new prosthetic from the University of Ottawa video4124807990001 Fri, 20 Mar 2015 13:09:11 -0700 3d,News,Canada,prosthetic,Tony Caldwell,embed=true,year=2015,University of Ottawa,source=Ottawa Sun,category=news,Ottawa and region,month=03,timestamp=1426885760,hand,osun_featured,day=20,Sebastian Chavarria Featured Videos 1906868830 4124807990001 186 1745097732 Recovered Black Box Could Shed Light On Germanwings Crash Recovered Black Box Could Shed Light On Germanwings Crash video4132203752001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 13:45:28 -0700 timestamp=1427227920,france,source=Newsy,provider=NewsLook,Chris Zabriskie,year=2015,getty images,airbus,francois hollande,day=24,spain,provider=News Look,month=03,Alps,barcelona,Germany,embed=false,dusseldorf Featured Videos 1906868830 4132203752001 88 1745097732 Zooey Deschanel Complains About the Limits of a Pregnancy Diet Zooey Deschanel might be your bubbly, 'New Girl,' but from no sushi to no wine, when it comes to pregnancy diet she isn't thrilled about all the limitations. video4138561437001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 10:10:11 -0700 New Girl,celebrity gossip,category=entertainment,vegan,month=03,Baby Boy,splash news,day=27,source=splash news,year=2015,wine,timestamp=1427475616,baby girl,Zooey Deschanel,pregnancy,diets,baby,jimmy kimmel live,pregnancy diet,Celebrity,sushi,embed=false Featured Videos 1906868830 4138561437001 59 1745097732 Lily James' Most Fashionable Moments Lily James has been busy promoting her new movie, Cinderella, and is looking amazing in the process. The actress has been looking like a real-life princess on the red carpet and for television appearances over the past few weeks. Let's check out... video4128645905001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 01:20:07 -0700 Lily James,fashion,splash,floral,style,red carpet,splash news tv,television,Hollywood,rumors,cinderella,day=23,source=splash news,timestamp=1427098210,tabloid,balenciaga,late show,embed=false,month=03,year=2015,celebrity gossip,category=entertainment,Celebrity,gossip,princess,sntv,street style Featured Videos 1906868830 4128645905001 70 1745097732 9/11 Museum Criticized For Accepting Entertainment Award 9/11 Museum Criticized For Accepting Entertainment Award video4129353933001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 09:25:24 -0700 source=Newsy,day=23,destinations,getty images,new york city,category=Travel,year=2015,CNN,embed=false,timestamp=1427126700,provider=NewsLook,New York Daily News,provider=News Look,month=03 Featured Videos 1906868830 4129353933001 103 1745097732 RAW VIDEO-College Station leak repair and cleanup TTC crews work to repair and clean up after an environmental leak at College Station shut down service on Line 1 between Bloor and Union Station. video4131936205001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:23:45 -0700 Canada,month=03,embed=true,category=Toronto & GTA,year=2015,day=24,category=news,source=Toronto Sun Featured Videos 1906868830 4131936205001 137 1745097732 Farmers absorb neonicotinoids decision At the Grain Farmers of Ontario convention, farmers were digesting the new regulations that will restrict the use of neonicotinoids on their farms Many were hopeful that common ground will be found that can bring environmentalist and farmers together video4132428866001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 15:59:26 -0700 LFP,category=London &Region,category=news,environment,agriculture,source=London Free Press,Canada,London,neonicotinoids,grain farmers,Government,embed=true Featured Videos 1906868830 4132428866001 210 1745097732 Top 10 Terrifying Deaths in Disney Movies Chills and death?! Yes, these animated movies are for kids. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Terrifying Deaths in Disney Movies. video4020838832001 Thu, 29 Jan 2015 11:26:07 -0800 Chumbawamba,embed=false,Sean Harris,music,death cab for cutie,weird band names,top 10,source=Watch Mojo,Weird,Bowling For Soup,bands,the tony danza tapdance extravaganza,cat=finance,odd future wolf gang kill them all,Dananananaykroyd,lists,Hoobastank,Toad The Wet Sprocket,Band Names,month=01,butthole surfers,day=29,year=2015,timestamp=1422563172,Alt-J Featured Videos 1906868830 4020838832001 790 1745097732 Batman VS. Superman An alien from a dead planet who's able to perform superhuman feats versus an orphan with some control issues. Join for this installment of Versus, where we pit the Man of Steel against the Dark Knight to see which superhero comes... video3884855515001 Mon, 10 Nov 2014 13:00:04 -0800 Angela Fafard,Nostalgia Critic,screenjunkies,timestamp=1415656816,Your Movie Sucks,The Flick Pick,lists,movie reviews,year=2014,TopX,day=10,movie critics,cat=finance,Chris Stuckmann,youtube,month=11,embed=false,jeremy jahns,RedLetterMedia,21st Century,top 10,SchmoesKnow,CInemaSins,Mr.Sunday Movies,source=Watch Mojo Featured Videos 1906868830 3884855515001 579 1745097732 Why Netflix Will Probably Compete With Itself In Australia Why Netflix Will Probably Compete With Itself In Australia video4131057187001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 01:45:30 -0700 provider=NewsLook,day=24,United States of America,source=Newsy,embed=false,month=03,australia,timestamp=1427184720,provider=News Look,netflix,year=2015 Featured Videos 1906868830 4131057187001 153 1745097732 Did Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Fake Their Break Up? Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart reportedly faked their break up in public in order to help promote their upcoming films, but now it seems they're ready to step back in the public eye as a couple again. video4138561422001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 10:07:06 -0700 source=splash news,timestamp=1427475310,category=entertainment,splash news,year=2015,month=03,Casper Smart,boy next door,home,embed=false,Celebrity,premieres,break up,couple,celebrity gossip,business,j-lo,fake,street,Jennifer Lopez,day=27 Featured Videos 1906868830 4138561422001 65 1745097732 Taco Bell Takes Jab At McDonald's, Adds New Breakfast Item Taco Bell Takes Jab At McDonald's, Adds New Breakfast Item video4131878851001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:10:23 -0700 provider=NewsLook,source=Newsy,year=2015,provider=News Look,category=lifestyle,Yum! Brands,day=24,timestamp=1427218320,month=03,Inc.,embed=false,McDonald's Corporation Featured Videos 1906868830 4131878851001 86 1745097732 Kat Von D Responds To 'Underage Red' Lipstick Controversy Kat Von D has a successful makeup line, but her choice to name one of her lipsticks 'Underage Red' has sparked controversy. The 33-year-old tattoo artist has now responded to the backlash in a written statement on her official Facebook page. video4124716695001 Fri, 20 Mar 2015 12:13:09 -0700 year=2015,source=splash news,underage,Celebrity,splash,day=20,Hollywood,reality star,la ink,kat von d,sntv,celebrity gossip,embed=false,tattoo,Controversy,tabloid,gossip,sephora,lipstick,splash news tv,backlash.,rumors,month=03,category=entertainment,Sexuality,makeup,timestamp=1426878028,Underage Red Featured Videos 1906868830 4124716695001 69 1745097732 Why Has Germanwings Pilot's Depression Dominated Coverage? Why Has Germanwings Pilot's Depression Dominated Coverage? video4139437522001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 21:10:31 -0700 getty images,day=27,embed=false,provider=News Look,month=03,lufthansa,MSNBC,timestamp=1427514360,Andreas Lubitz,CNN,year=2015,tony blair,provider=NewsLook,source=Newsy Featured Videos 1906868830 4139437522001 129 1745097732 Two more Uber drivers plead guilty Two more Ottawa Uber drivers plead guilty and receive $400 fines. video4136672054001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 13:00:16 -0700 category=news,uber,osun_featured,Canada,City Bi-law,month=03,day=26,News,Ottawa and region,source=Ottawa Sun,year=2015,Taxis,ottawa,embed=true,timestamp=1427403620,gulty Featured Videos 1906868830 4136672054001 112 1745097732 Millions Of Computers Vulnerable To Two-Minute Attack Millions Of Computers Vulnerable To Two-Minute Attack video4128481413001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 01:30:30 -0700 day=23,provider=NewsLook,source=Newsy,microsoft,timestamp=1427098380,getty images,year=2015,embed=false,provider=News Look,dell,month=03,youtube Featured Videos 1906868830 4128481413001 142 1745097732 Airbus A320 Plane Crashes In France With 150 On Board Airbus A320 Plane Crashes In France With 150 On Board video4131325148001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 05:55:25 -0700 france,provider=News Look,provider=NewsLook,francois hollande,airbus,lufthansa,timestamp=1427195940,year=2015,twitter,source=Newsy,Alps,dusseldorf,Mariano Rajoy,day=24,embed=false,germanwings,month=03,barcelona,spain,Germany Featured Videos 1906868830 4131325148001 66 1745097732 These Popular Antibiotics Can Cause Permanent Nerve Damage These Popular Antibiotics Can Cause Permanent Nerve Damage video4138465514001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 09:15:27 -0700 day=27,category=health,year=2015,source=Newsy,Nancy Garlow,Reubot Vladivostok,Marina Vladivostok,timestamp=1427471340,United States of America,Charles Bennett,Susan Tannenbaum,embed=false,month=03,provider=News Look,provider=NewsLook Featured Videos 1906868830 4138465514001 103 1745097732 Chloe Sevigny Joins Upcoming Season Of American Horror Story: Hotel It's just been announced that Chloe Sevigny will be reprising her role in the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Hotel. She'll be joined onscreen by Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Wes Bentley and more. video4132333427001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 14:45:07 -0700 sntv,tabloid,American Horror StoryHotel,Twitter.,Lady GaGa,splash,cheyenne jackson,month=03,splash news tv,fx,source=splash news,Celebrity,celebrity gossip,Matt Bomer,gossip,embed=false,category=entertainment,chloe sevigny,Ryan Murphy,rumors,Hollywood,day=24,year=2015,timestamp=1427232920,wes bentley Featured Videos 1906868830 4132333427001 58 1745097732 The Best Swimsuits for Curvy Bodies This Summer The Best Swimsuits for Curvy Bodies This Summer video4122701868001 Thu, 19 Mar 2015 16:10:41 -0700 bikini,Swimsuit,day=19,provider=News Look,year=2015,source=ModaMob,month=03,life,provider=NewsLook,monica richards,fashion,category=lifestyle,embed=false,destinations,style,curvy,category=Travel,timestamp=1426790926 Featured Videos 1906868830 4122701868001 86 1745097732 Britney Spears Would Love To Get Married Again We've seen Britney Spears looking pretty happy with her new man, Charlie Ebersol. And now, the musician says she'd love to tie the knot again, and maybe even add another child to her family. video4136752660001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 13:36:12 -0700 romance,timestamp=1427401515,musician,pop star,month=03,girl,fairytale,children,Hollywood,Britney Spears,marriage,day=26,daughter,Love,tie the knot,sons,sntv,Celebrity,source=splash news,year=2015,celebrity gossip,gossip,rumors,singer,embed=false,Sean.,category=entertainment,splash news,Charlie Ebersol,Jayden Featured Videos 1906868830 4136752660001 56 1745097732 Antonio Banderas Speaks Out Against Attitude Towards Aging Women Antonio Banderas knows that there's more pressure on aging women in Hollywood to maintain their appearance to find work, and he's speaking out against this unfair societal standard. video4133780008001 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 09:55:07 -0700 society,expendables 3,day=25,plastic surgery,Aging Women,timestamp=1427301920,helen mirren,source=splash news,Antonio Banderas,month=03,Meryl Streep,Celebrity,year=2015,appearance,beauty standards,beauty,embed=false,category=entertainment,Hollywood,Splash News.,celebrity gossip Featured Videos 1906868830 4133780008001 66 1745097732 President Obama Hosts the 2015 White House Science Fair President Obama Hosts the 2015 White House Science Fair video4135809258001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 06:57:02 -0700 month=03,embed=false,category=Science,Barack Obama,day=23,category=US,provider=News Look,source=Whitehouse,United States of America,year=2015,D.C.,provider=NewsLook,Washington,timestamp=1427152898 Featured Videos 1906868830 4135809258001 1319 1745097732 Kim Kardashian's Blonde Moment Is Over Kim Kardashian's blonde moment appears to be over and she's gone back to black. The raven-haired beauty has finally returned to her natural colour after going platinum blonde for Paris Fashion week. Stepping out with her little princess North for... video4137990329001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 04:15:06 -0700 armenia,Celebrity,timestamp=1427454310,celebrity gossip,brunette,year=2015,family,Kim Kardashian,blonde,dye,star,sntv,source=splash news,category=entertainment,hot momma,platinum,Ballet,mother,month=03,north west,yeezy,embed=false,beauty,day=27 Featured Videos 1906868830 4137990329001 49 1745097732 GOP Capitalizes On Netanyahu-Obama Rift GOP Capitalizes On Netanyahu-Obama Rift video4126717171001 Sat, 21 Mar 2015 18:45:32 -0700 month=03,Israel,provider=News Look,Benjamin Netanyahu,year=2015,Steve King,source=Newsy,Facebook,twitter,day=21,Obama,provider=NewsLook,embed=false,Jerusalem,haaretz,timestamp=1426986720,iowa,palestinian territories,The New York Times,John boehner,United States of America,america,getty images Featured Videos 1906868830 4126717171001 194 1745097732 Family shows damage after violent home invasion A Gatineau couple in their 70s were attacked and robbed in their home Thursday night by three armed, masked men. video4138960053001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 14:01:31 -0700 Gatineau,Canada,gun,police,Crime,theft,Doug Hempstead,ottawa,armed,portuguese,robbery,ransacked,spvg,attack,home invasion Featured Videos 1906868830 4138960053001 116 1745097732 1 Suspect Dead, Eight Officers Hurt In Arizona Walmart Brawl 1 Suspect Dead, Eight Officers Hurt In Arizona Walmart Brawl video4128528032001 Sun, 22 Mar 2015 23:40:25 -0700 year=2015,embed=false,arizona,phoenix,Idaho,source=Newsy,month=03,day=23,Walmart,provider=News Look,timestamp=1427091840,CNN,provider=NewsLook Featured Videos 1906868830 4128528032001 86 1745097732 Giant Triassic Salamander Acted More Like A Crocodile Giant Triassic Salamander Acted More Like A Crocodile video4131511631001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 08:10:38 -0700 Atlantic coast,British Broadcasting Corporation,iberian peninsula,Africa,day=24,source=Newsy,Steve Brusatte,embed=false,portugal,Daniel Oines,year=2015,provider=News Look,timestamp=1427207400,month=03,provider=NewsLook Featured Videos 1906868830 4131511631001 100 1745097732 President Obama Holds a Roundtable on the Economy President Obama Holds a Roundtable on the Economy video4138133209001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 07:01:09 -0700 timestamp=1427412604,provider=NewsLook,year=2015,category=finance,Alabama,provider=News Look,day=26,embed=false,Barack Obama,source=Whitehouse,month=03,United States of America,category=US Featured Videos 1906868830 4138133209001 269 1745097732 NFL Extra Point Rule Change Might Actually Happen NFL Extra Point Rule Change Might Actually Happen video4135335750001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 01:45:35 -0700 provider=NewsLook,The Washington Post,John Clayton,day=26,getty images,provider=News Look,month=03,Craig Carton,year=2015,roger goodell,source=Newsy,embed=false,timestamp=1427358420,espn Featured Videos 1906868830 4135335750001 122 1745097732 Low-Cost Airlines Are Just As Safe As Others Low-Cost Airlines Are Just As Safe As Others video4133330295001 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 06:40:26 -0700 year=2015,american airlines,Southwest Airlines,day=25,CNN,destinations,month=03,airbus,category=Travel,germanwings,embed=false,timestamp=1427289660,provider=News Look,provider=NewsLook,source=Newsy Featured Videos 1906868830 4133330295001 122 1745097732 Top 10 Movie Gang Fights It's always better to be on the winning side. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 movie gang fights. WARNING: Spoiler Alert. video4124227670001 Fri, 20 Mar 2015 08:35:05 -0700 year=2015,one time,Beauty and a Beat,pop music,Somebody To Love,Justin Bieber,top 10,One Less Lonely Girl,pop stars,boyfriend,month=03,lists,timestamp=1426869315,embed=false,day=20,Pop,Luke Terry,cat=finance,baby,celebrities,source=Watch Mojo,music Featured Videos 1906868830 4124227670001 771 1745097732 Kate Middleton's Beautiful Maternity Style As Prince William and Kate Middleton get ready to welcome their second child into the world, we're taking a look back at some of Kate's most beautiful maternity outfits. video4131102206001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 02:23:07 -0700 fashion,category=entertainment,Hollywood,Shift Dress,style,life,Dalmatian print.,coat,year=2015,splash,sntv,baby bump,Kate Middleton,westminster abbey,rumors,pregnant,embed=false,Duchess of Cambridge,source=splash news,month=03,splash news tv,celebrity gossip,timestamp=1427188212,prince william,day=24,lifestyle,gossip,maternity,Commonwealth Day,Celebrity,tabloid Featured Videos 1906868830 4131102206001 73 1745097732 Twitter Launches Periscope As iPhone Live Streaming Heats Up Twitter Launches Periscope As iPhone Live Streaming Heats Up video4136012979001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 08:10:34 -0700 category=Technology,periscope,timestamp=1427381400,TechCrunch,Austin,embed=false,kayvon beykpour,month=03,twitter,the next web,year=2015,source=Newsy,day=26,provider=News Look,provider=NewsLook Featured Videos 1906868830 4136012979001 125 1745097732 How to Deep Fry and Make Tasty Fish and Chips How to Deep Fry and Make Tasty Fish and Chips video4123680462001 Fri, 20 Mar 2015 05:20:29 -0700 category=lifestyle,month=03,provider=News Look,recipes,year=2015,source=The Savory,embed=false,provider=NewsLook,food,timestamp=1426838400,day=20,life Featured Videos 1906868830 4123680462001 146 1745097732 Ottawa city hall week in review Ottawa Sun reporter Jon Willing reports on the week that was at Ottawa City Hall. video4138893050001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 13:16:11 -0700 timestamp=1427490978,Week That was,Ottawa Sun,month=03,Ottawa and region,Ottawa city hall,uber,year=2015,jon willing,source=Ottawa Sun,News,osun_featured,category=news,day=27,Canada,embed=true Featured Videos 1906868830 4138893050001 110 1745097732 Eva Mendes Was Joking About 'Sweatpants Divorce' Comment Eva Mendes Was Joking About 'Sweatpants Divorce' Comment video4124151658001 Fri, 20 Mar 2015 09:10:29 -0700 sweatpants,life,eva mendes,category=lifestyle,provider=NewsLook,month=03,year=2015,embed=false,day=20,source=Splash TV,provider=News Look,timestamp=1426866214,twitter Featured Videos 1906868830 4124151658001 65 1745097732 Packing Peanuts Could Be Key To Faster-Charging Batteries Packing Peanuts Could Be Key To Faster-Charging Batteries video4129021078001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 06:20:26 -0700 year=2015,provider=News Look,timestamp=1427114640,provider=NewsLook,Engadget,embed=false,day=23,denver,source=Newsy,month=03,United States of America Featured Videos 1906868830 4129021078001 99 1745097732 Pepsi Knocks Out Diet Coke As Second Most Popular Soda In US Pepsi Knocks Out Diet Coke As Second Most Popular Soda In US video4138492156001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 09:35:33 -0700 category=lifestyle,United States of America,embed=false,day=27,month=03,year=2015,timestamp=1427472480,provider=NewsLook,pepsi,Coca-Cola,source=Newsy,provider=News Look Featured Videos 1906868830 4138492156001 86 1745097732 Emilia Clarke Has No Regrets About Turning Down 50 Shades Role 50 Shades of Grey would have been very different had Emilia Clarke accepted the lead role instead of Dakota Johnson. But the Game of Thrones actress says she has no regrets about turning down the part in the risqué film. video4134419940001 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 14:56:07 -0700 source=splash news,embed=false,year=2015,fame.,rumors,50 shades of grey,category=entertainment,Emilia Clarke,splash,Game of Thrones,sntv,Hollywood,role,nudity,dakota johnson,splash news tv,gossip,Typecast,day=25,turn down,tabloid,month=03,timestamp=1427319911,celebrity gossip,Celebrity Featured Videos 1906868830 4134419940001 54 1745097732 US Drawdown In Afghanistan: Putting Troop Levels In Context US Drawdown In Afghanistan: Putting Troop Levels In Context video4129434948001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 09:56:09 -0700 United States of America,day=23,Japan,afghanistan,year=2015,Helmand,ashraf ghani,CNN,Barack Obama,month=03,United Kingdom,provider=NewsLook,embed=false,South Korea,source=Newsy,provider=News Look,Iraq,timestamp=1427127240,Germany,Obama,italy Featured Videos 1906868830 4129434948001 146 1745097732 The Mad Men Ladies Show Off Their Style At The Black And Red Ball The Ladies of Mad Men were continuing to show off their impeccable style as they hit the red carpet for the Season 7 Finale Black and Red Ball. Christina Hendrix did Joan proud in a glamorous full-skirted evergreen stain gown. The ravishing red... video4135728035001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 05:42:07 -0700 curves,joan holloway,LA,green gown,January Jones,red carpet,source=splash news,season 7,Kiernan Shipka,category=entertainment,Christina Hendrix,style,star,year=2015,Celebrity,pink hair,gown,Mad Men,Joan Harris,beauty,month=03,timestamp=1427373018,celebrity gossip,day=26,sally draper,embed=false,betty draper,sntv,black and red ball,black midi dress,Don Draper Featured Videos 1906868830 4135728035001 67 1745097732 The Walking Dead's Josh McDermitt Dishes On Mullets And Who He Would Like To See Eugene Date Ahead Of The Season Five Finale Viewers will be treated to 90 minutes of the hit show when the season curtain-closer airs Sunday Night on AMC video4138966216001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 14:04:06 -0700 source=splash news,day=27,billy ray cyrus,Mullets,embed=false,year=2015,the walking dead,category=entertainment,Mullet Crush Monday,finale,celebrity gossip,timestamp=1427489111,month=03,sntv,celebrity bytes,AMC,splash news,Season 5,Josh McDermitt Featured Videos 1906868830 4138966216001 259 1745097732 ASIRT Investigate Downtown Shooting ASIRT (Alberta Serious Incident Response Team) is investigating an officer-involved shooting in downtown Calgary. video4127047533001 Sat, 21 Mar 2015 22:29:17 -0700 Featured Videos 1906868830 4127047533001 150 1745097732 Bryan Cranston Gave Jon Hamm Advice On Ending Mad Men Jon Hamm is getting ready to say goodbye to Mad Men, the show he's been on since 2007. The actor says he even received advice from Breaking Bad actor, Bryan Cranston, on what it's like to bid farewell to a series and iconic character. video4129640309001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 11:10:07 -0700 category=entertainment,Bryan Cranston,timestamp=1427133613,series,finale,Walter White,iconic,television,splash news tv,Jon Hamm,Mad Men,Celebrity,year=2015,splash,Breaking Bad,day=23,Jessica Westfeldt,celebrity gossip,sntv,month=03,role,tabloid,gossip,Hollywood,embed=false,source=splash news,rumors,Don Draper.,acting Featured Videos 1906868830 4129640309001 62 1745097732 Vin Diesel Names Newborn Daughter After Paul Walker Vin Diesel has confirmed that he named his newborn daughter Pauline, after his best friend, the late Paul Walker. video4129379044001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 08:59:07 -0700 memory,daughter,wreck,Furious 7,Death,crash,splash,celebrity gossip,car,baby,timestamp=1427125810,name,pauline,month=03,South by Southwest,Vin Diesel,category=entertainment,sntv,gossip,The Fast and the Furious,rumors,Hollywood,dead,Celebrity,dies,year=2015,tribute,day=23,newborn,source=splash news,embed=false,tabloid,birth,Paul Walker,splash news tv Featured Videos 1906868830 4129379044001 56 1745097732 Facebook Building Plane-Sized Drones For Global Internet Facebook Building Plane-Sized Drones For Global Internet video4137680406001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 00:55:27 -0700 Facebook,month=03,Boeing,provider=News Look,year=2015,Municipal Corporation Visakhapatnam,embed=false,day=27,timestamp=1427441220,provider=NewsLook,source=Newsy Featured Videos 1906868830 4137680406001 106 1745097732 How safe is the Airbus A320? How safe is the Airbus A320? video4133814221001 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 10:45:33 -0700 destinations,month=03,embed=false,timestamp=1427243783,day=24,year=2015,provider=NewsLook,category=Travel,airbus,provider=News Look,category=Technology,source=Washington Post Featured Videos 1906868830 4133814221001 107 1745097732 Taylor Swift's Music Will Be Available On Jay Z's Streaming Site 'Tidal' Taylor Swift famously took her albums off of Spotify not too long ago, but it looks like they could be available on a new streaming site owned by Jay Z called Tidal. The streaming music service requires a monthly subscription, and does not... video4132249346001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 14:10:08 -0700 1989,tabloid,month=03,jay z,source=splash news,Hollywood,day=24,spotify,timestamp=1427230810,gossip,category=entertainment,celebrity gossip,music streaming service,Celebrity,streaming,worth,albums.,music,splash,splash news tv,rumors,embed=false,sntv,tidal,year=2015,taylor swift Featured Videos 1906868830 4132249346001 65 1745097732 Elephants Help Keep 18-Wheeler From Toppling Over Elephants Help Keep 18-Wheeler From Toppling Over video4133207385001 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 05:10:25 -0700 embed=false,dallas,Florida,month=03,provider=News Look,timestamp=1427284200,source=Newsy,day=25,year=2015,provider=NewsLook,texas,louisiana Featured Videos 1906868830 4133207385001 52 1745097732 How Darren Sharper Got A 9-Year Sentence For 9 Rape Charges How Darren Sharper Got A 9-Year Sentence For 9 Rape Charges video4130290032001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 17:00:28 -0700 nevada,year=2015,day=23,month=03,Los Angeles,getty images,arizona,provider=NewsLook,California,Darren Sharper,timestamp=1427152740,source=Newsy,espn,provider=News Look,embed=false,minnesota,louisiana Featured Videos 1906868830 4130290032001 105 1745097732 GermanwIngs Flight 9525 - Where Was God? GermanwIngs Flight 9525 - Where Was God? video4138050680001 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 05:50:31 -0700 year=2015,source=Odyssey Networks,provider=NewsLook,category=world,Brad Hirschfield,embed=false,day=26,provider=News Look,timestamp=1427400150,month=03 Featured Videos 1906868830 4138050680001 233 1745097732 Mom 'exuberant' with verdict in daughter's murder Kristopher Guenther found guilty in Lacey Jones-McKnight's death video4124557769001 Fri, 20 Mar 2015 12:44:27 -0700 first degree murder,embed=true,Canada,category=news, month=03,csun_featured,first-degree murder,Lacey Jones,Lacey,lacey jones-mcknight,source=Calgary Sun,day=20,Jones-McKnight,category=Calgary & Alberta,first-degree,justice for lacey,jones mcknight,shelly jones,murder,year=2015,first degree Featured Videos 1906868830 4124557769001 107 1745097732 How to Make a Cayman Lemonade How to Make a Cayman Lemonade video4135976189001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 08:10:28 -0700 Cayman Islands,embed=false,year=2015,timestamp=1427381140,day=26,caribbean,provider=NewsLook,source=Islands,month=03,destinations,provider=News Look,category=lifestyle,category=Travel Featured Videos 1906868830 4135976189001 113 1745097732 Google Wants You To Use Gmail To Pay Your Bills Google Wants You To Use Gmail To Pay Your Bills video4132891296001 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 00:30:26 -0700 Engadget,google,source=Newsy,month=03,provider=NewsLook,provider=News Look,year=2015,embed=false,day=25,timestamp=1427267280 Featured Videos 1906868830 4132891296001 112 1745097732 Top 10 Sexiest Women of All Time These ladies are the finest of the fine - of all times! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 sexiest women ever! video4130117007001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 14:35:05 -0700 Sexiest Women Series,shania twain,denise richards,Demi Moore,singers,top 10,Sexy,Women,Salma Hayek,cat=finance,Cindy Crawford,source=Watch Mojo,hot celebrities,timestamp=1427150115,Models,WMSeries,Claudia Schiffer,Females,Sean Harris,year=2015,sexiest women,lists,Sharon Stone,day=23,1990s,Pamela Anderson,Elizabeth Hurley,lifestyle,life,celebrities,Catherine Zeta-Jones,actresses,month=03,decades,embed=false Featured Videos 1906868830 4130117007001 649 1745097732 Menus move into the future Two London entrepreneurs have invented a new app called MizPiz that will allow diners to access more information about their food than the old paper menus. video4041459248001 Mon, 09 Feb 2015 15:31:10 -0800 business,London,category=news,mizpiz,economy,LFP,embed=true,source=London Free Press,restaurants,Canada,category=London &Region Featured Videos 1906868830 4041459248001 137 1745097732 Scientists Add Woolly Mammoth DNA To Elephant Cells Scientists Add Woolly Mammoth DNA To Elephant Cells video4129329458001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 08:40:25 -0700 month=03,category=Science,timestamp=1427122920,getty images,George Church,source=Newsy,provider=NewsLook,year=2015,category=Seriously?,embed=false,provider=News Look,day=23,Alex Greenwood Featured Videos 1906868830 4129329458001 76 1745097732 Do Beach Trips Doom Celebrity Relationships? Do Beach Trips Doom Celebrity Relationships? video4128481404001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 01:05:22 -0700 provider=News Look,provider=NewsLook,timestamp=1427095920,Heidi Klum,category=Travel,Selena,destinations,month=03,embed=false,day=23,year=2015,source=Splash TV Featured Videos 1906868830 4128481404001 88 1745097732 Top 10 Dysfunctional Movie Families You think your family's the only one that doesn't get along? Think again! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Most Dysfunctional in Movies. video4119903986001 Wed, 18 Mar 2015 12:41:04 -0700 video games,Operation Rainfall,Veronica Mars,television,movies,year=2015,month=03,top 10,day=18,tv,source=Watch Mojo,novels,family guy,embed=false,Star Trek,Twin Peaks,lists,the death of sherlock holmes,timestamp=1426711281,Nick Spake,firefly,cat=finance,Mass Effect 3,arrested development,fan campaigns that worked,futurama,books,fan campaigns Featured Videos 1906868830 4119903986001 772 1745097732 When Obama Unwinds, Camp David Is Rarely His Destination When Obama Unwinds, Camp David Is Rarely His Destination video4129740998001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 12:15:30 -0700 Nancy Pelosi,ashraf ghani,getty images,jordan,George W. Bush,embed=false,provider=News Look,United States of America,harry reid,day=23,hawaii,source=Newsy,provider=NewsLook,Washington,franklin roosevelt,China,camp david,XI JINPING,year=2015,The Washington Post,Maryland,month=03,timestamp=1427136060,Southern California,chicago Featured Videos 1906868830 4129740998001 151 1745097732 Kraft Recalls Macaroni - Cheese Over Metal Concerns Kraft Recalls Macaroni - Cheese Over Metal Concerns video4117850187001 Tue, 17 Mar 2015 17:05:55 -0700 year=2015,day=17,Canada,provider=News Look,source=Newsy,United States of America,kraft,getty images,embed=false,month=03,timestamp=1426635360,provider=NewsLook Featured Videos 1906868830 4117850187001 75 1745097732 Angelina Jolie Had Her Ovaries Removed Due To Cancer Risk Angelina Jolie Had Her Ovaries Removed Due To Cancer Risk video4131335822001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 05:30:22 -0700 month=03,day=24,source=Newsy,embed=false,British Broadcasting Corporation,angelina jolie,timestamp=1427199600,provider=NewsLook,provider=News Look,The New York Times,year=2015 Featured Videos 1906868830 4131335822001 99 1745097732 Ted Cruz To Launch Presidential Campaign Monday Ted Cruz To Launch Presidential Campaign Monday video4127267117001 Sun, 22 Mar 2015 08:15:24 -0700 Scott Walker,provider=NewsLook,year=2015,embed=false,louisville,source=Newsy,nbc,Chris Christie,virginia,Rand Paul,timestamp=1427034720,Jeb bush,New Hampshire,ted cruz,provider=News Look,texas,month=03,day=22,getty images Featured Videos 1906868830 4127267117001 49 1745097732 5 Seconds of Summer dis a broken One Direction 'Does 5 seconds of summer have a plan to like last longer than 1Direction, you think?' .. 'Are they still going?' Woah, this insult was uttered by 5 Seconds of Summer member, Michael Clifford, when asked about OneDirection.... video4135751921001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 05:58:09 -0700 music,day=26,1D,year=2015,5s0s,celebrity gossip,insult,one direction,musicians,DIS,month=03,teen,category=entertainment,artists,source=splash news,star,timestamp=1427373912,aussie,group,sntv,Celebrity,Pop,embed=false,band,boy band,5 seconds of summer,Michael Clifford,zayn malik,australia Featured Videos 1906868830 4135751921001 58 1745097732 Ben Stiller and Joan Rivers Had Feud They Never Squashed Joan Rivers apparently didn't like Ben Stiller, and the two comedians never squashed their beef before she passed away. video4137042650001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 16:06:13 -0700 category=entertainment,feud,embed=false,Jerry Stiller,year=2015,celebrity gossip,source=splash news,while we're young,friends,day=26,month=03,timestamp=1427410514,Ben Stiller,Comedians,dead,Celebrity,splash news,red carpet,Joan Rivers,passed away Featured Videos 1906868830 4137042650001 65 1745097732 Top 10 Unseen Movie Characters Some characters should be heard and not seen. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Unseen Movie Characters. video4129232698001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 07:58:05 -0700 TV characters,Pinky and the Brain,Dexter's Laboratory,embed=false,macgyver,characters,year=2015,top 10,mighty morphin power rangers,day=23,cat=finance,source=Watch Mojo,tv,month=03,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,family guy,Matt Wende,lists,timestamp=1427126294,rugrats,inventors,television,futurama,The Big Bang Theory,The Simpsons,fictional inventors Featured Videos 1906868830 4129232698001 774 1745097732 Taylor Swift - Calvin Harris Spotted Together in Nashville Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been spotted together in Nashville in some grainy photos taken by a fan. The two have been rumored to be seeing each other, although neither have confirmed or denied the stories. video4136389748001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 10:51:07 -0700 month=03,timestamp=1427391621,nashville,dating,year=2015,taylor swift,1989,Celebrity,gossip,source=splash news,couple,category=entertainment,rumors,DJ.,pictures,Hollywood,celebrity gossip,together,embed=false,Calvin Harris,day=26,sntv,splash news Featured Videos 1906868830 4136389748001 56 1745097732 Top 10 Mario Bros Power Ups Now you're playing with Power, Mario Power that is. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Mario Bros Power Ups. video4130131390001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 14:38:06 -0700 embed=false,Charlize Theron,Models,2000s,singers,hot celebrities,timestamp=1427150300,celebrities,Women,Monica Bellucci,sexiest women,angelina jolie,year=2015,source=Watch Mojo,top 10,Heidi Klum,shakira,megan fox,Sexy,Sean Harris,WMSeries,Sexiest Women Series,Britney Spears,actresses,Jennifer Lopez,Jessica Alba,month=03,cat=finance,Aishwarya Rai,decades,day=23,lists,Females Featured Videos 1906868830 4130131390001 472 1745097732 On the Scene: Tech On the Scene: Tech video4121851900001 Thu, 19 Mar 2015 09:50:49 -0700 month=03,category=Arts & Society,embed=false,provider=News Look,category=Technology,Washington,year=2015,timestamp=1426613400,D.C.,source=Washington Post,United States of America,provider=NewsLook,day=17 Featured Videos 1906868830 4121851900001 133 1745097732 Russo Brothers To Take Over 'Avengers' As Whedon Bows Out Russo Brothers To Take Over 'Avengers' As Whedon Bows Out video4130599039001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 19:55:21 -0700 Anthony Russo,Joe Russo,getty images,timestamp=1427164140,america,year=2015,source=Newsy,month=03,Inc.,provider=News Look,provider=NewsLook,embed=false,sony,day=23,marvel entertainment Featured Videos 1906868830 4130599039001 93 1745097732 Ted Cruz in his own words Ted Cruz in his own words video4133888937001 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 11:11:05 -0700 texas,United States of America,source=Washington Post,embed=false,ted cruz,month=03,year=2015,provider=News Look,category=US,provider=NewsLook,timestamp=1427131320,day=23 Featured Videos 1906868830 4133888937001 173 1745097732 When Kids Read Mean Tweets… It's Not So Funny When Kids Read Mean Tweets… It's Not So Funny video4131990591001 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 12:21:24 -0700 year=2015,provider=News Look,day=24,month=03,timestamp=1427223127,category=Technology,embed=false,source=RightThisMinute,provider=NewsLook Featured Videos 1906868830 4131990591001 72 1745097732 The Tale Of Two Steve Jobs Biographies The Tale Of Two Steve Jobs Biographies video4129857571001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 13:10:25 -0700 Tim Cook,Brent Schlender,provider=NewsLook,source=Newsy,year=2015,month=03,Ashton Kutcher,category=Technology,Open Road Films,new york city,Steve jobs,category=Arts & Society,getty images,walter isaacson,The New York Times,category=finance,day=23,Jonathan Ive,Apple Inc.,Rick Tetzeli,timestamp=1427140200,Rob Boudon,embed=false,Amazon,provider=News Look,New York Featured Videos 1906868830 4129857571001 100 1745097732 Obama, Regulators To Take On Payday Loan Industry Obama, Regulators To Take On Payday Loan Industry video4136312565001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 10:50:31 -0700 john oliver,getty images,Alabama,provider=NewsLook,Terri Sewell,Obama,month=03,provider=News Look,timestamp=1427390580,embed=false,year=2015,source=Newsy,Birmingham,day=26,virginia,Richmond Featured Videos 1906868830 4136312565001 86 1745097732 Vin Diesel Names Daughter After Paul Walker Vin Diesel Names Daughter After Paul Walker video4129216644001 Mon, 23 Mar 2015 08:00:38 -0700 embed=false,month=03,day=23,timestamp=1427120640,Los Angeles,Vin Diesel,provider=NewsLook,provider=News Look,paloma jimenez,year=2015,Paul Walker,Facebook,source=Newsy Featured Videos 1906868830 4129216644001 49 1745097732 Top 10 Songs That You Shouldn'€™t Listen To With Your Parents These racy songs will make you regret turning on the radio in you parents' car. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Songs You Shouldn't Listen to With Your Parents. video4133683262001 Wed, 25 Mar 2015 09:02:07 -0700 Briana Lawrence,timestamp=1427302933,super mario,Super Mushroom,fire flower,Tanooki Suit,luigi,embed=false,day=25,World,watchmojo,WMSuggest,super star,year=2015,frog suit,month=03,top 10,source=Watch Mojo,super mario bros,Mega Mushroom,64,cat=finance Featured Videos 1906868830 4133683262001 796 1745097732 Oxytocin Is Why Dogs Are Man's Best Friend Oxytocin Is Why Dogs Are Man's Best Friend video4121744824001 Thu, 19 Mar 2015 09:20:30 -0700 category=Science,Tania Isenstein,abc australia,day=19,getty images,year=2015,provider=NewsLook,timestamp=1426779660,embed=false,australia,provider=News Look,source=Newsy,category=health,month=03 Featured Videos 1906868830 4121744824001 90 1745097732 Dita Von Teese looks stylish at LAX Dita Von Teese looked timelessly beautiful as she arrived at LAX. Dita who had just been in Madrid for a Belvedere Vodka party didn't show any signs of her late night, she was perfectly poised with a bright red lip. video4135622373001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 04:42:06 -0700 timestamp=1427369412,year=2015,sunglasses,star,source=splash news,embed=false,month=03,dress,midi dress,category=Travel,celebrity gossip,sntv,red lipstick,Travel,Teal,50's fashion,category=entertainment,day=26,cat eye,glamour,Burlesque,lax,belvedere vodka,Celebrity,Dita Von Teese,40's fashion,destinations Featured Videos 1906868830 4135622373001 45 1745097732 Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Responds To Hash Body Critics Gal Gadot has faced off against critics who say she's too skinny and her boobs are too small to play Wonder Woman. The 29-year-old actress says she's grateful to get to play the strongest, most empowering woman ever. video4136333156001 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 10:30:11 -0700 day=26,marvel,fast five,boobs,Fast & Furious,month=03,Hollywood,source=splash news,body shaming,skinny,sntv,Batman v SupermanDawn of Justice,Justice LeaguePart One,splash news tv,Israeli,lifestyle,life,category=entertainment,celebrity gossip,timestamp=1427390413,embed=false,Ynet.,Wonder Woman,Celebrity,body critics,year=2015,Gal Gadot,rumors,tabloid,splash,gossip Featured Videos 1906868830 4136333156001 53 1745097732